Brand Upgrade

The new logo design reflects the simple and stable temperament OF THE MONGA BRAND through smooth linear design techniques

MONGA's strategy is from "Products sell to the world " to " Brand goes to the world", it conforms to strategy of China "The belt and road".
Through the brand upgrade , we sincerely advise the customers, MONGA is consistent in believing intelligent life will be the future, and having confidence of the products.

MONGA response to "The belt and road" strategic guideline of China

"The belt and road" is the symbol of global trading and Chinese economic & culture contribution to the world. Therefore, Monga design the conceptual symbol "The Line"

Concept of "The Line"

Simple, one-line gives a strong aura to the image.
Standards, it means standards of quality, standards of urban life
Serenity, it means products bring a serenity enjoyment to people's life
The future, the extension of the line indicates the future, intelligent life
Persistence,it means Monga's original intention of consistent

This brand upgrading is proposed through the concept of "The line", then it derives to the overall brand, packaging and space, making the entire brand vision more simple.
In addition, "The line" implies the future. In terms of product positioning, it mainly promotes intelligent toilet as the representative of intelligent life products

"The line" design concept presentates in space.

The illustrations include three pictures, "China in the morning", "Dubai at noon" and "London in the evening", so as to form a concept map of an extended world city, which is also the map of Monga's brand goes towards the world.
Through brand upgrading and spatial experience, it highlights the obvious differentiation with competitors and assists the market to establish brand image.

"The line" is in the form of illustration, also integrate into the poster and advertising.
Therefore, the brand slogan "intelligent future, enjoy life" is put forward and illustrated.

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